About Jenn and the Hell Zone

Hiya! I’m Jenn. I’m 28 and I’m bi and I like weird anime, old point-and-click games, queer history, and horror movies. I have a degree in Radio/TV/Film, I do a bit of freelance writing, and I edit videos. My dream is to become an archivist who helps to preserve queer history and freaky little films. For now, I write.

I initially started this blog because, well, no one I know in real life wants to hear my musings on dating sims or 90s hentai OVAs I “accidentally” watch. Over time, I gravitated away from writing solely about anime – I became more and more interested in cult film. I also have a thing for erotic video games, pinku eiga, old gay porn (lol), transgressive novels, horror media, and more.

I’ve written for a few other sites, too! Here are a few select pieces that I’m proud of. I can only hope this list will grow as I find more and more avenues to channel my passions into 🙂

Check out my YouTube, too! It’s a bit new, but hopefully more is on the way! Jenn’s Hell Zone 

P.S. I made a ko-fi so if you feel so inclined, here’s my lil tip jar.

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